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Polls Show Ben Carson is Leading Donald Trump Among Republicans

Ever since the presidential campaign insanity began, billionaire business mogul and toupe model Donald Trump has been at the forefront of the conversation and the polls. His debate zingers have become a signature part of the campaign media firestorm:

as have his infamous Tweet attacks:


For the past several months, Trump has remained staunchly in the lead among Republicans, but a new poll by the New York Times and CBS News shows that the tide may be turning.

Their latest numbers show that neurosurgeon Ben Carson has finally pulled ahead in the Republican field, although the margin is slim. According to the New York Times, Carson and Trump pull support from starkly contrasting populations (conservatives and evangelicals for Carson, non-evangelical Republicans with no college education for Trump). The Times was also quick to point out that while Carson’s lead is holding steady for now, Trump’s supporters are more longlasting and firmly grounded in their allegiances. 

Carson and Trump have dominated the polls, a surprising turn considering neither has any background whatsoever in politics or government. The disgust Republicans hold for current elected officials has a lot to do with this phenomenon, and will give both Carson and Trump an advantage going into the primary.

In the meantime, one thing we can be sure of is that the Carson and Trump debate remarks tonight will surely provide excellent fodder for late night show hosts.

Be sure to tune in to the debate tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CNBC! 

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