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Police Shut Down an MIT Frat Party That Rigged Their Stairs into an Indoor Waterfall

Right before midnight on Sunday, police responded to a Phi Delta Theta fraternity party at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that had gotten more than a little wild — as students had found a way to turn the marble staircase in the house into a waterfall (yes, really), according to the Boston Herald

Boston.com also reports that the official police report cited the frat house with underage drinking, an unlicensed DJ and the waterfall over the staircase which they said was one of the many “hazardous” features of the party. Clearly, MIT students’ frat parties are as noteworthy as the university’s engineering programs.

“The occupants had also installed a waterfall on an interior upper floor that allowed water to fall through the central stairwell, soaking the marble staircase and adding to the hazardous conditions presented by the excessive occupancy,” police told the Boston Herald.

Boston.com reports that police initially interrupted the party because they noticed 40 people lining up outside the frat house, assuming the fraternity might have gotten a little overzealous about when they promoted the shindig. Regardless, the frat house is a licensed dorm, which gives the house a maximum occupancy of 39 people. However, police told Boston.com that there were 116 people in total at the party (and, of course, a marble staircase waterfall.) 

Seeing as Phi Delta Theta is a dorm and the members of the frat are obviously MIT students, the students involved could face additional ramifications from the university along with the premise violation issued by the police.  

May this be a warning for the next group of kids who try to turn their party into a water park. 

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