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Phew, Blake Lively Has Returned to Instagram

After inciting Internet panic when she wiped her Instagram account clean of all content and unfollowed everyone (including her husband Ryan Reynolds), with the exception of some very lucky Insta users named Emily Nelson, Blake Lively appears to have made a full return to the platform and, phew.

As of Saturday morning, it appears everything is back to normal on Blake’s Instagram — well, almost everything anyway. All of her previous posts have reappeared, and she’s since uploaded a photo of one of her flawless outfits with a very relatable caption about why social media truly sucks sometimes.

While she’s unfollowed all of the Emily Nelsons (bummer), one account @hope.for.emily still remains — which, upon closer inspection, appears to be a promo for her upcoming movie A Simple Favor, in which her character Emily mysteriously disappears.

Oh, and it’s also worth noting that the only other person Blake is now following is, yes, her husband Ryan Reynolds — meaning we can expect their hilarious Insta antics to resume soon. Which is a good thing, because Ryan also seemed pretty *hurt* by his wife’s social media snub, as per his interview with Australian radio program Smallzy’s Surgery.

“I’m very sad about that. Definitely stinks,” he said when asked about the matter. “It’s a terrible way to find out that I’ve been kicked out of the house, to be honest. Absolutely terrible. I don’t know where rage like that comes from.” (Lol.)

A Simple Favor doesn’t hit theaters until September, but in the meantime, check out the trailer below:


… (SOUND UP!!!)

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