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Pete Davidson Revealed His First Tattoo Was Inspired By None Other Than Ariana Grande’s Ex-Boyfriend

It’s no secret that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson both have tattoos dedicated to each other, but Pete recently revealed that his very first piece of ink wasn’t inspired by Ariana, but instead, one of her ex boyfriends. 

That ex turned out to be Big Sean. In an interview with Variety, Pete said that when he was 17-years-old, he and a friend decided to get “Swerve Life,” a saying from the rapper’s song “Mercy,” tattooed on their legs. 

Not surprisingly, the ink doesn’t have any deep meaning. Pete just simply liked the way Big Sean said “swerve” in the song. According to him, “That’s going to last forever… so that’s on our legs.” 

At least Pete’s chill about it, though — probably because he has more than 40 tattoos. That number will likely grow, too. He currently has four tattoos dedicated to fiancé Ariana, including her initials, bunny ears from her Dangerous Woman era, a cloud in honor of Sweetener, and “H2GKMO,” which stands for “honest to god knock me out.” Ariana has the same tattoo as the couple regularly uses the phrase. 

Lucky for her, Ariana doesn’t have a tattoo in honor of Big Sean. 


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