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People Are Taking a Facebook Group Called ‘Shoot at Hurricane Irma’ Seriously

Showing some humor in times of crisis can definitely be helpful, but in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, Florida residents are utilizing the most bizarre humor I may’ve ever seen. GQ reports that a Facebook group called “Shoot at Hurricane Irma” has brought together more than 24,000 people apparently willing to stop the incoming storm with guns. Well, that’s different.

Clearly, the page was meant as a joke, as organizer Ryon Edwards explained on the page Sunday morning, when Irma was expected to hit Florida. “It was cool to see the response this got from Facebook,” Edwards wrote. “On another note, I’ve learned that about 50 people of the world could not understand sarcasm to save their lives.” 

He later told the BBC, “A combination of stress and boredom made me start the event,” proving that the joke was meant as a distraction for panicking Florida residents. 

Edwards’ remarks result from the embarrassing amount of offices and public figures that responded to the group as if it was serious. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence even shared a diagram explaining why shooting bullets at a hurricane wouldn’t be very productive. Yes, I’m cringing, too.

Many of the group’s commenters have pointed out that given Florida’s often weird history, people can’t blame law enforcement for taking the concept seriously. The true point of the Facebook group seems to be a place for Floridians to support each other in a scary, uncertain time. 

“Some of us aren’t going to be here this time next week, some of us will lose homes, businesses, friends and family,” one group member posted. “But nothing in the world can break the spirit of Florida.”

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