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People Are Coming For Camila Cabello After Her Air Guitar Performance On ‘Ellen’ & Fans Aren’t Having It

Camila Cabello just released her new single “Never Be The Same,” and after performing the song on Ellen this week, she’s come under fire for her “strange” guitar playing. See for yourself below. It’s actually pretty cringe-worthy, unfortunately.

I just don’t understand what happened. She usually kills it when she performs, so what’s the deal? I’m not alone in this thought, either, as Twitter users didn’t hold back their feelings about her random strumming.

Though it was painful to watch, Cabello’s Camilizers were quick to defend the singer, who apparently knows how to play guitar. I can’t say I blame them, they have the evidence to show for it.

She may be able to play guitar, but I still want to know why it looked so strange. Maybe the sound cut out? Maybe it was intended to be a prop? I don’t know. Camila might chime in to let us know what happened. All awkwardness aside, the new single is fire—and we all know she crushed those vocals, at the very least.

Just keep doing you, girl. You’re crushing it despite the minor setback.

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