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Pencil it in ladies!

Hi girls, hope your weekend is going well! Sadly, UT football has put a small damper on life here in Austin (especially around campus), but there’s always the next game, right? Ah, let’s hope so!

This weekend when looking through my planner to figure out everything I must do before Monday, I realized I had (until now) failed to include a big part of how I stay motivated to work out–I pencil it in to my scheduler!

I understand how busy we all are in college, so a helpful way to make time to exercise is by clearing an hour (or less or more depending on just how busy your week is) about three times a week for working out or some sort of physical activity. If you can do more, that’s awesome!
If you’re like me and you map out your entire week a week in advance (oh come on, I know you do it too! smiley) then try choosing three days where you could get in a workout and pencil it in. If you are super organized, you could even write the time when you’re free to exercise, I know that always helps me to make it happen before I keep saying, “Oh, there’s always later today.”
Alright readers, your test of the week is to schedule in a few workouts into your planners & see if that helps to motivate you! Good luck!
Work work work,

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Olivia Watson is a true "Austinite" and junior Journalism major at UT. She is a member of UT Communications Council, a Life and Arts staff writer for The Daily Texan, a staff writer for Hercampus Texas and an advertising intern at Texas Monthly Magazine . In her free time she enjoys running the Austin Hike and Bike Trail, swimming and eating at Olive Garden. A big fan of music, artwork and theatre, she loves visiting museums and attending plays and concerts. Her favorite things in life include vanilla-mint flavored chapstick, warm socks, romantic-comedies and cookie dough. In the future, Olivia hopes to move to New York City and pursue an editorial career in print journalism.
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