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If I Were Next To Zendaya I’d Be Nervous Too, Paul Mescal

Bisexuals everywhere, including me, are quaking at the duo chosen to present the first SAG award last night (Feb. 26): none other than Zendaya and Paul Mescal. While this alone is a sight to behold, Twitter is especially interested in Mescal’s perceived nervousness at standing next to the Goddess herself. He seems a bit stiff and becomes a bit flustered when he stutters his line like the cutie he is. I’m blushing, TBH.

It’s funny how Twitter can take a 35-second clip and immediately identify a seven-layer dip of emotion and chemistry, especially when presented by two of the hottest actors working RN. After reaching the podium, the two look at each other and give a nervous smile before Zendaya chuckles and speaks. The two clearly get along and have a laugh, but in the wake of Mescal’s break-up rumors with Phoebe Bridgers, people are eager to see him out in the world in the hopes of getting some answers. 

IMHO, I think our soft indie king is just a little nervous to be in the spotlight so early in the show, but it’s interesting that he stumbles the second after Zendaya flips her hair and looks at him, though he does not directly look at her. No worries if he isn’t swooning over her, because we all are!

For Mescal-Zendaya shippers, I’m sorry to crush your dreams. Zendaya has been paired up with Tom Holland since 2021, and everyone seems to be thrilled and rooting for them. Their 2022 birthday posts for each other had the internet screaming and nitpicking interviews for the latest Spiderman for more examples of flirting and hints into their relationship. It’s widely believed that their appearance on Lip Sync Battle and Holland’s iconic rendition of “Umbrella” is responsible for their love. Or, at least, that’s what I believe.

But, after that rosy pink gown and the rest of her look that night, how could you not daydream about a parallel universe where Mescal and Zendaya become Hollywood’s it-couple?

Mescal, on the other hand, is newer to the Hollywood spotlight. He is widely loved for his portrayal of Connel in the Hulu TV show adapted from Sally Rooney’s Normal People — a vulnerable, tender (and sexy) man who rendered all of us weak because he was written by a woman, and no man exists the way he does. He is currently nominated for his heartwrenching performance as a father in the film Aftersun. It makes sense that fans would swoon at his awkwardness on the stage because it’s very reminiscent of the Connell we miss seeing on screen. 

At the end of the day, the SAG Awards knew what they were doing when they chose them to present together because the Internet is loving it and making this love known to all!

To some, their interaction just proves that celebrities are just like us.

For the bisexuals out there, this is our Super Bowl.

Ships and swoons aside, I know I’m not alone in hoping for a cinematic crossover soon.

Ariana Martinez (they/them) is a Florida-based freelance writer and filmmaker currently pursuing a degree in cinema studies. Their work gravitates toward explorations of gender and sexuality in film and T.V., and they have a Youtube channel and website, Awake in the A.M., dedicated to film analysis. In their free time, they enjoy traveling and yelling at the television with their friends.