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Paris Jackson Hospitalized After Possible Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, 15, daughter of deceased singer Michael Jackson, was hospitalized early Wednesday morning at around 2 a.m. following a possible suicide attempt. A 911 call made half an hour before Jackson’s hospitalization demanded a response to a “possible overdose” at the girl’s Calabasas home, though it was later revealed that Jackson had cut her wrists.

There has so far been no confirmed motive behind Jackson’s attempted suicide, however many are looking to her Twitter account for clues. A recent tweet on Jackson’s account depicted an escalating argument with an unknown person, and some tweets before that indicated that Jackson was facing problems in her private life that clearly distressed her.

Some believe that Jackson attempted to commit suicide after she wasn’t allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert. A source close to the family has come forward to deny those claims.

Hospital staff have confirmed that the girl will recover and is in stable condition. A TMZ source reportedly close to the girl mentioned that Jackson had previously tried to commit suicide, though her statement has not been confirmed by anyone else.

TMZ is following and updating the situation here

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