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The Palace Released The Official Images from Prince Louis’ Christening & They’re Too Cute

Last Monday, July 9, the British Royal Family gathered for the christening of Prince Louis. Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their son Prince Louis into the world on April 23. Alongside their other children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the royal family blessed us with some royally adorable photos after Prince Louis’ christening.  

Wearing a replica of the Royal Christening Robe worn by Princess Victoria in 1841, Prince Louis has now been welcomed into The Church of England, according to POPSUGAR. The baptism took place at The Chapel Royal of S. James’s Palace. Lucky for us, this now-iconic photoshoot at Clarence House, followed shortly thereafter. Four adorable photos have been released of Prince Louis and his family members.

Photographer Matt Holyoak took all the photos of the family, which include baby Prince Louis in his gorgeous, intricately designed gown in the arms of his mother. All members of the Royal Family look stunningly posh, of course. Notably, the newly married Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stood together, behind Prince Louis’ immediate family. The cutest addition to the photos, apart from Prince Louis himself, has to be his siblings. Matching along with the rest of the family, Prince George’a blue-rimmed button up and Prince Charlotte’s poofy white and blue dress are to die for. The photo where Princess Charlotte stares at her baby brother while Prince George says cheese to the camera is downright adorable.

Shortly after these photos made their social media debut, Holyoak released one additional photograph of Prince Louis smiling widely in the arms of his glowing mother Kate Middleton, and we’re so glad they decided to put out this gem. Prince Louis is just the cutest!

All in all, Prince Louis’ baptism was clearly a sweet day for this family. We can’t wait for the next official Royal event so we can get some more darling photos of this family.

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