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Paint The Town Red With These Doja Cat Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is almost here and 2023 costume ideas are brewing from creative inspirations. Though most people are dressing up as Taylor Swift or Barbie, some might want to be a little more quirky and dress up as Doja Cat this spooky szn! Though she’s had some controversial moments this year, Doja Cat still dominated the music charts with songs from her sophomore album, Scarlet, which was released on Sept. 22. Today, she’s considered one of the most popular artists in the industry and thanks to her eccentric personality and hit songs, her popularity continues to grow. 

So, if you’re a fan of Doja Cat and her music, try dressing up as her for Halloween 2023. Her music videos alone are filled with ideas for costumes that’ll make you stand out in the crowd.  Here are 5 super cute and fun Doja Cat costumes that are a must wear.

“Mooo!” Sexy Cow and Barn Keeper

“Got milk b*tch, got beef?” Doja Cat’s outfits in “Mooo!” are definitely ones that you can’t mistake with any other costume. Despite her name, Doja’s cow outfit and shades definately block the haters who have mistaken her for a cat that says meow. If you want to spice it up a bit, then the sexy barn keeper outfit is the way to go.  

“Juicy” Cherry

Keep it juicy with this vibrant and flashy costume! All you need is a red leather bodysuit, fishnet stockings, thigh-high red boots, a white super-cropped tee, and of course, a cherry headband. The “Juicy” cherry costume is honestly super fun, so don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it. This delectable outfit will have everyone turning their heads to see who this cherry is (you).

“Need to Know” Alluring Alien

Want some inspiration for an intergalactic Halloween look? Doja Cat’s single, “Need to Know” is just what you need. Her beautiful blue alien glow and space ponytails are quite the exciting look for the spooky season. Luckily, all you need to replicate this look is (lots of) blueish green makeup, a half-up half-down hairstyle with two pigtails and a bang, red nails, and a NASA “Doja” tee.

“Say So” 70s Groovy Babe

Doja’s groovy 70s outfit is timeless and one of the cutest music videos looks I’ve ever seen! The sparkly flare jumpsuit and blonde wig with curled ends truly take you back to the disco era! It’s nostalgic a mix of a touch of modern.

“Attention” Scarlet

For her sophomore album, Doja Cat introduced her alter ego Scarlet (who’s covered head to toe in blood) in the the music video for her song “Attention.” Though I don’t recommend covering yourself in blood, this look could be a great one to recreate for Halloween if you have a ton of red makeup!  

With these cute, sexy, and fun Doja Cat Halloween costumes, pictures are a must! If you feel up to it, try alternating these looks, as they all give off a different vibe. Who says you can’t be in a spooky mood and still feel like a baddie at the same time?

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