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Bring Barbie & Ken To Life This Halloween With These Couples Costumes

As we officially begin the month of October, I can only imagine the chaos that’s now beginning around Halloween costumes. As I am gearing up to prepare for Halloween, there’s one movie that’s slowly taking Halloween by storm: Barbie and honestly, can you blame anyone? 

With Barbie’s signature looks and iconic outfits from the film, this Halloween is guaranteed to be a bright flash of pink everywhere you go. But it’s entirely possible that many of the Barbie costumes come with one important accessory: Ken. If you and your significant other are looking to dress up as the iconic Barbie duo, we’re here to help bring your Barbieland and the Casa Mojo Jojo House fantasy to life this Halloween. 

1. We always have time for skating!

    We love an ‘80s roller skating moment! The bright neon designs, the colorful neon skates and yes, even those visors will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a time machine. Barbie and Ken have taste, and so can you with these Halloween costumes. 

    2. Saddle Up With Barbie and Ken

    I’m slightly biased towards this couples costume, but ever since I saw the western Barbie and Ken outfits in the movie, I’ve been dying to see these costumes in action. There’s something so fun about Barbie’s star-covered western cowgirl outfit and Ken’s fringe shirt that makes you want to purchase both pieces. With looks being sold at most Spirit Halloween stores, it’s safe to say that these are the most popular costumes of 2023.

    3. You’re such a doll!

      Technically, these aren’t movie inspired outfits, but you have to admit they’re super cute. Maybe you and your Ken will want to represent our favorite Mattel couple by dressing up inside of a Barbie box. By paying homage to Barbie and Ken’s doll origins, you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the Halloween parties. 

      4. Pink Beaches Forever.

        You have to admit, even Barbie and Ken can make going to the beach look stylish. I loved Barbie’s pink gingham dress and Ken’s matching pink and green swim trunks. The looks give major summer inspiration for a Barbie-themed beach trip. Whether you’re busy living out your beach dreams this Halloween or you want to sit around being pretty in pink, this couple’s costume works both ways for all of the Barbies and Kens out there. 

        5. Paying homage to the original Barbie and Ken. 

          Ever since the first Barbie was created in 1959, Barbie’s iconic black and white swimsuit has become an outfit staple in the doll’s history. It’s elegant and chic, and feels timeless to all of the Barbie fans. Ken also has a signature beach look with red shorts from the 1960’s that has continuously been honored during promotion for the Barbie film in July 2023. I think these two outfits would make a perfect couples costume for those who love the history of Barbie, or are interested in being the center of attention.

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