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Our Favorite Bachelor Contestant of All Time is Pregnant!

As far as Bachelor contestants go there are always a few special ladies who stand out more than others. The show would not be the same without its fair share of quirky contestants and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But as much as we love these women, we rarely think about their lives beyond the roles they play in Bachelor Nation—especially when it comes to one unforgettable lady. 

Ashley Salter—or, as you probably know her, Ashley S.—is expecting. The onion-obsessed, cat whispering blondie has rekindled an old flame with her college boyfriend, Austin Brannen, after striking out on both Chris Soules season as well as ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ and we honestly couldn’t be happier for her. Although Ashley has not validated the news herself, multiple sources have confirmed the rumors and People has even speculated that the baby is a boy!

May he be graced with all the quirks of his mother, and may he have all the onions his little heart desires.

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