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Olivia Rodrigo Announced Her New Album “GUTS” & The Internet Is Losing It

Babe, wake up — Olivia Rodrigo dropped the release date for her highly-anticipated sophomore album, and nobody is OK. After months (or if you’re me, years) of theories surrounding Rodrigo’s new music, the queen took to social media to announce her new album, GUTS, which is set to release on Sept. 8. I never thought I’d say this, but can summer end, like, now?

On June 26, Rodrigo posted on her social channels the cover art for GUTS along with a sweet message for her fans: “my sophomore album GUTS comes out september 8th. i am so proud of this record and I can’t wait to share it with you all! u can presave it now! xoxoxoxo ❤️💜 💌 🖤 ” Needless to say, the internet went absolutely feral after Rodrigo dropped the news, and I can’t blame them — currently, I’m kicking my feet, giggling, and marking my calendar for the September drop date.

Additionally, Rodrigo shared in a cute, written note in her newsletter that she’s been working on GUTS for about two years now. “I made the bulk of this album during my 19th year on this earth,” she wrote. “A year that, for me, was filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness & good old fashioned teen angst.” Say less, O Rod, I’m 100 in for this one.

Naturally, the internet absolutely exploded upon the announcement. From hilarious memes to heartfelt tweets, there’s no shortage of reactions when it comes to this news.

Some fans are absolutely freaking TF out.

Others are taking this as an opportunity to recognize the impact of Rodrigo’s music on them.

OK, but can we also talk about the rings? Drop the link to shop, Liv!

All of this to say, it’s a big day for music lovers.


You can presave GUTS now!

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