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Now Donald Trump Is Commenting On That Vanity Fair Hillary Clinton Video

Despite the fact that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton over a year ago and should be focused on, geez I don’t know, running the country, he just couldn’t help himself when Vanity Fair apologized for a satiric video that many found insensitive and belittling to the very accomplished politician/former Secretary of State. 

In the satirical video “Six New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton,” Vanity Fair offered up some advice for the former presidential candidate, starting with “It’s time to start working on your sequel to your book, What HappenedWhat the Hell Happened” and finishing with what people considered the most condescending suggestion, “Take up a new hobby in the new year: Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy, literally anything that will keep you from running again.” 

While the jokes were lighthearted enough, after many accused the publication of of sexism and just general poor taste, Vanity Fair issued an apology. ““It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark,” a spokesperson for VF said. 

Donald Trump’s tweet also bring Anna Wintour, the artistic director at VF’s owner Condé Nast, into the drama. He suggests that she wanted to be ambassador to the UK under Hillary Clinton, but even though that has been rumored before, that assertion was never really substantiated. Besides that, what a bizarre thing to bring up. Was he planning on making her an ambassador? Probz not. So who tf cares. 

In Vanity Fair’s defense, they did not isolate Hillary Clinton. They made videos with the same “Six Resolutions” format for other politicians too, like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Gary Cohn and President Trump himself. Also, it’s clearly a joke. That being said, none of them weren’t funny enough to be worth posting. Some were downright cringy. Pro-tip: to pull off controversial humor, it actually has to be funny. All tea, no shade at VF: just saying. Also, per the usual, Donald Trump’s commentary was unnecessary and unwanted. 

Honestly, maybe everyone’s resolution for 2018 should be to chill tf out. 

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