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Northwestern University Was On Lockdown For Two Hours After False Reports Of A Gunman On Campus

As thousands of students protested gun violence by walking out of schools across the U.S. on Wednesday, students at Northwestern University were placed under lockdown after reports of a man with a gun on campus.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a man called the Evanston, Illinois police and claimed he shot his girlfriend in Northwestern's Englehart Hall. After dispatching "scores of heavily armed officers," police eventually said they found no evidence of a victim, scene or gunman. The incident is now being labeled a case of "swatting," a false call to emergency services in an attempt to draw a large police response to a certain address. 

Despite there being no gunman on campus, people at Northwestern were still under the impression that was the case for around two hours. Many on campus, along with their loved ones, took to social media to express their fear. Some were also calling for gun control.

Police are reportedly investigating the false report.

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