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North Korea Endorses Donald Trump For President

The United States presidential election has been one of the most exciting and different ones in decades. People everywhere has been voicing their opinions on the candidates. And by everyone, we mean everyone. Including North Korea.

The North Korean state recently supported a candidate, too—None other than Donald Trump. A column on an essentially government-run media outlet praised Trump as a “wise politician” and a “not [a] rough-talking, screwy, ignorant candidate,” Reuters reports.

The editorial ran on DPRK Today, which is largely seen as a propaganda news site for the North Korean government. Writer Han Yong-mook described himself as a Chinese North Korean scholar, but he may just be a mouthpiece for the leaders of the isolated nation.

Han also insulted Hillary Clinton, while he was at it, calling her “thickheaded.”

Apparently, one of North Korea’s reasons to support Donald Trump is that he would make the nation’s dream of getting rid of Americans come true, according to BBC. The North’s “Yankee Go Home” phrase emulates their desire to kick US troops out of all of the Korean peninsula—including South Korea.

Oh, and don’t forget another one of North Korea’s desires/threats: Nuclear attacks on South Korea and the United States.

This announcement by Pyongyang, the capital city, comes just around a week after the North Korean UN Ambassador So Se Pyong called Trump’s promises nonsense. Trump had stated in an interview with Reuters that he planned on meeting with President (or as they call him, Supreme Leader) Kim Jong Un.

“I think [Trump’s] idea or talk is nonsense,” So told Reuters. “It’s utilization of the presidential election, that’s all. A kind of propaganda or advertisement.”

Although there has been no official word from Kim Jong Un himself, we’re guessing he wants the US out of the Korean nations pretty badly as well. Trump has yet to respond to the editorial through his favorite social media site, Twitter. We’re guessing most candidates don’t exactly hope and pray for an endorsement from North Korea, but, hey, with Trump you never know.

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