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The ‘Nobody’ TikTok Trend Has People Running Away From Their Woes

Of the many trending sounds I’ve heard on TikTok recently, “Nobody” by indie singer-songwriter Mitski has been on my mind nonstop. The whimsical song makes a soothing yet intense backdrop for the Nobody TikTok trend, where you (literally) run away from your woes and sticky situations you’d rather not face. Whether someone just accidentally opened your notes app or your best friend suddenly revealed that they have feelings for you (here for you, sis), the Nobody TikTok trend reminds you of every awkward moment when you just want to hightail it out of there.

At first, the trend looks like it could be a scene from a modern-day teen horror flick. Each video captures the user slowly turning around to look at the camera, then running away chaotically, as if being chased. But after a closer look, it’s easy to relate to the cringe-worthy, yet relatable situations TikTokers are running away from. And while you don’t have to be a runner or a track star to participate in this trend, it’s best if your video has a sense of urgency and highlights a situation where you simply can’t deal. The way TikTokers have captured their pet peeves, dating woes, and uncomfortable moments is relatable and real, and fortunately, the trend is super easy to replicate.

First, think of a situation that instantly makes you want to sink into the floor so that you never have to deal with it, ever. Like internet-stalking your crush and accidentally liking a random picture from 10 years ago, or even worse — when you discover that they actually like you back. Then, use this soundbite from Mitski, hand your phone to a friend, and get ready to run. At the beginning of the clip, turn around reluctantly to glance at the camera, and once Mitski starts repeating the word “nobody” with increasing volume, move those legs, my friend. It’s time to get out of there.

I love how creators are putting their own spin on the Nobody TikTok trend, like this retail worker running away from tote bag teens to this guy who would rather Usain Bolt down the street than have his astrology chart read. Check out the trending page on TikTok, have a laugh, and start capturing your cringey moments — after all, the Nobody trend is the perfect excuse to run away from all of your problems.

Tianna is an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.
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