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Get A Free Coffee On Noah Schnapp, Thanks To DoorDash

I’ve always fantasized about the day when a celebrity buys me a coffee. I’m standing in a café somewhere ordering an iced oat milk latte and as I’m digging through my tote bag to scrounge up barely enough change to pay for it, a voice from behind me says “Hey, no worries, I got it.”

I turn around, and Harry Styles is paying for my coffee. And he also says “let’s get married.” And I say, “okay.”

Okay, maybe the whole “mega-celeb-buying-me-a-coffee” thing is a dream that only I’ve conjured up, but the point is: when anyone buys you a coffee, it’s a universally uplifting experience.

However, the dream of a celebrity buying you coffee can very well become a reality, thanks to DoorDash. Well, kind of.

Stranger Things star (and TikTok phenomenon) Noah Schnapp is teaming up with DoorDash to deliver college students nationwide with their caffeine fix. By signing up for DashPass For Students, you’ll have the opportunity to receive two free cups of coffee from your favorite local cafe or a nationwide chain. A coffee from Will Byers himself? We’ll take it!

In addition to this promotion, Schnapp posted a video to his TikTok account in the midst of his college move with a very special opportunity advertised in his bio:

“And that’s not all! One of my lucky followers starting college this year will be hooked up with coffee and college essentials from @doordash for the next 4 years! Comment below using #DashofCoffee for a chance to win,” Schnapp posted alongside the video.


And that’s not all! One of my lucky followers starting college this year will be hooked up with coffee and college essentials from @doordash for the next 4 years! Comment below using #DashofCoffee for a chance to win

♬ original sound – Noah Schnapp

Schnapp, an incoming freshman at The University Of Pennsylvania, went viral on #CollegeTok earlier in the year for his heartwarming acceptance into his dream school. His bestie and co-star, Millie Bobby Brown, as also been open in her enrollment in university—as the actress is an online student at Purdue University, studying human services. The Stranger Things stars will be attending college alongside other celebrity kids and Hollywood royalty…do I sense an O’Brien x Schnapp Ivy League crossover?

Regardless, Schnapp’s collaboration with DoorDash provides an opportunity for college students to save more on food delivery services. While other “passes” for comparable services can be a pain in the wallet, DashPass For Students is only $4.99, as opposed to the regular DashPass at $9.99 a month.

“For busy students, DashPass for students is the most convenient and wallet-friendly option for students to get whatever they need on DoorDash on demand, just in time for class,” Schnapp says.

To sign up, simply use your DoorDash app or click here to view eligibility requirements. DashPass for students will allow you to receive unlimited $0 delivery fees, reduced service fees on eligible orders over the minimum subtotals, 5% DoorDash credits back on pickup orders from eligible restaurants, and even members-only promos and DashPass exclusive menu items.

A DashPass for students membership is also a way for college students to manage their time, while also getting the food, fuel, and caffeine fix they need to get through the day. And with Schnapp’s collaboration, he’s making access to delivery that much easier.

“The DashPass for Students membership makes early morning classes more manageable,” Schnapp tells Her Campus. “I’m excited to team up with DoorDash by welcoming students to campus with something to brighten their day.”

While his character Will Byers may prefer an orange juice (at least, that’s what his older brother Johnathan whips up for breakfast in season 1), Schnapp’s order is more suited for his new college-bo persona, and a bit more caffeinated than plain ol’ OJ.

“I will be ordering a mocha frappuccino,” Schnapp tells Her Campus. Honestly, same Noah. Can we put it on your tab?

The back-to-college coffee promotion will end on 8/31 at 11:59 EST. 

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