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No, Comedy Isn’t An Excuse to Be Racist

Popular Indian actress Tannishtha Chatterjee walked out of her roast held by ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ for a good reason. Chatterjee was there to promote her new film Parched and was fully prepared to be roasted for pure entertainment value.

What she didn’t know was that roasters would focus on her skin tone for practically the entire skit. Chatterjee wasn’t feeling the jokes and she left with quite a lot to say to the roasters. She was more than disappointed when all they could come up with were jokes about her skin tone. 

Ironically, Parched challenges the bias that exists in the Indian community relating skin tones to class.  Check out her Facebook post below that knocks it out of the park.

Chatterjee joins the ranks of other strong women who aren’t afraid to clap back at haters and racists. The channel that runs the show apologized to the actress and she was unimpressed with that as well, saying, “thanks for this post. But this is not abt me. It’s abt a prejudice. I wish they made fun of me.” All she wanted was a fair roasting but instead, she got singed with old stereotypes and stale jokes.

Emily is a recent graduate of Pace University where she studied communications. When she's not drinking tea she spends her time reading, re-reading, writing, re-writing, watching and re-watching. She can typically be found at the gym crushing weights with the bros or cooking something ridiculous.
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