We Asked College Women About Abortion & Reproductive Rights—Here's What They Had to Say

Here's the thing: even though we already basically decided as a country that we have the right to abortions, that right continues to be in flux. It's terrifying and dangerous and, naturally, college women have a lot of Thoughts

So we took to Instagram to ask real college women how they feel about abortion and reproductive justice. Here's what they had to say: 

"My body, my business." - Allie

"We deserve them. No ovaries, no opinion!!!" - Logan

"It's not a matter of reproductive rights, but of human rights. All lives matter." - Erin


"My body, my life, MY CHOICE." - Kelsie

"It's too important to ignore. My body, my choice." - Kayla


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"Women should be able to do to their body as they please. No terms/regulations should apply. - Margie

"A woman should have a choice." - Josie

"It's killing a child, but I get why people do it. You should be allowed up to 8 weeks to abort." - Carol

"We shouldn't even have to fight for this. My body, my choice. As simple as that." - Tameka

"White men SHOULDN'T be in charge of this." - Michaela

"Making abortion illegal won't stop abortions. It will stop safe ones, and potentially end lives." - Mikki

"Abortion is murder. No questions asked." - Amanda

"Hell yes! Women deserve the right to respect." - Lauren

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