Swipe Right On Voting Because Everything's High-key Garbage

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Since the 2016 presidential election, things have been pretty, uh, chaotic — to say the least.

Considering the vast majority of our readers have let us know that they’re stress-y and depress-y politically, we knew it was important to start looking for ways to start some real conversations to make everyone feel less helpless ASAP.

That’s why we wanted to make a cool tool for y’all to use to start conversations with your friends about the issues that are driving you to vote in the 2018 midterms. Whether you’re panic-texting your group chats about climate change or protecting Roe v Wade, hitting the streets to talk about the way the U.S. handles immigration or criminal justice reform or freaking out about whether you’ll ever pay off your student loans, there’s still time to take all that fear and anxiety and turn it into action on the state and local level.

What made your list? Share it with your friends and start some real conversations about what matters to you before election day. You can also read more about these issues and elected officials that are fighting for the same causes you are via NextGen’s Ballotready.

After all, friends don’t let friends skip out on elections (because that’s a dick move that affects all of us).

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