Swedish Clothing Store Promotes Healthy Body Image


Today’s society is surrounded by media that tells girls that they need to be a skinny and tall to be beautiful. The confidence of women around the world is shot down daily by fake perceptions and edited pictures of models. This week, the media took a different focus on the meaning of beautiful and normal when a clothing store in Sweden posted a photo online of surprisingly curvaceous mannequins. The store’s bold move is being hailed and talked about by women around the world.

The mannequins were dressed in skimpy lingerie, displaying soft stomachs, normally full thighs, and more realistic proportions than what is usually shown through traditional department store mannequins. In the U.S, most mannequins that are shown are between a size four and a size six. To put that in perspective, the average American woman is a size 14.

A blogger at Women’s Rights News posted a picture of the mannequins to her Facebook page on Tuesday saying, “Store mannequins in Sweden. They look like real women. The US should invest in some of these.” The response was unbelievable. More 55,000 people liked the photo, and over 17,000 people shared the photo to their own page.

What do you think about this? Should stores start using more realistic mannequins? Comment below!