Mark Your Calendars: Free Chipotle!

Pencil this into your schedule, now: On Monday, January 26, Chipotle is treating you to a free burrito.

The deal comes as a promotion for the chain’s new organic tofu filling, dubbed “Sofritas.” Purchasing any Sofritas item on Monday, Jan. 26 will earn you a free burrito, bowl, tacos order, or salad of your choice, Chipotle announced. The offer will extend into February; as long as you go to any chain location in either the U.S. or Canada with a receipt showing a Sofritas purchase on the 26th, you will receive a free meal.

If a free Chipotle entree was not good enough, Slate reported that the company will also throw in free guac with your redeemable item, too.

Chipotle’s vegan Sofritas option, which is described by the company as “organic tofu from Hodo Soy that we shred and then braise with chipotle chilies, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices,” was introduced nationwide in March 2014 after its successful run in the Pacific Northwest.  Its release was a victory for vegan customers.  President of the Vegan Society Jasmijn de Boo told USA TODAY, “Having a major chain feature a vegan entree on their menu is a major deal.” Yet, its debut has hardly attracted big crowds; according to Esquire, Sofritas have accounted for just 3.5 percent of entree sales back in July.

Much of the hesitation to try Sofritas items has been attributed to its unappealing appearance. As Esquire puts it, “It looks strange, granted, with its chopped-up bits of tofu swimming in reddish-brown sauce” but nevertheless stated, “It's full of flavor, with just a slightly chewy texture.”

Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not to take the Chipotle Sofritas Challenge is up to you, but one thing is undeniable: Free Chipotle is a dream come true.

Will you take the Sofritas challenge? If you've tried Sofritas before, what are your thoughts?