17 Hilarious Tweets About the Vice Presidential Debate That Are *Too Real*

Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris went head-to-head last night during the first and only vice presidential debate. Naturally, Twitter had a lot to talk about, because as stressful as the 2020 election is, there’s still room for some damn jokes. Harris's "I am speaking" was the meme of the night. The plexiglass dividers drew quite a few comparisons. And this debate was particularly great if you like to make jokes about flies. 

Here are the funniest tweets you need to see about the VP debate between Harris and Pence.


  1. 1. That neon/LED trim though

  2. 2. What were the plexiglass dividers *actually* accomplishing? 

  3. 3. She's got this

  4. 4. Pence would be an iconic guest

  5. 5. The eyebrows spoke volumes

  6. 6. Getting talked over by a man check

  7. 7. LMFAO

  8. 8. The part where she called him Michael was 100% mom energy

  9. 9. The perfect meme, IMO

  10. 10. Every. single. time!

  11. 11. Or imagine a Zoom debate where the moderator can just mute them

  12. 12. This acutely captures the entire evening

  13. 13. Same energy

  14. 14. A voice of the people

  15. 15. Fly has entered the chat

  16. 16. This won Twitter

  17. 17. *snorts*