8 Memes That Totally Sum Up Midterm Elections When The World Is Absolute Garbage

ICYMI, it's midterm election season, and college student voter turnout is a pretty damn big deal. With the giant hot ass mess that has been 2018, voting in federal, state, and local elections is so important, and while it's pretty normal for people to post about voting (and like, if you're posting on yours, tag us so we can see you in your cute and important "I Voted" stickers!), social posts about voting in 2018 have a different feel to them.

Because, well, this year has sucked, especially for marginalized people, so we're not just posting about voting — we're posting about voting in the midst of a world that's kind of always on fire.  

All in all, it's hard to deny that voting is really fucking important, always, but especially right now. Not to do the whole "now more than ever" thing because like, let's be real, we should all be voting pretty much all the time (and doing our best to stay informed so we know what we're voting on!), but it really does matter, even if it doesn't always feel like it.

We grabbed some of our fave reactions to voting szn in the name of ~community~ and reminding you all to make sure you're all set to vote! Here's how we're feeling about midterm elections in the midst of this... interesting year.

If you're feeling kind of all over the place right now, the below will show that you're DEF not the only one. 

1. Most of us have felt a liiiittle iffy about this whole election process recently.

2. But we also know its important as fuck.


3. Even if it takes pizza.

4. And begging.

5. And just a little bit of peer pressure.

6. Even if you do it for the selfie...

7. and...the post-vote snacks.

8. When voting just gives you so many feels.

Is it stressful? Yes. But is it worth it? Hell yes.

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