5 Email Newsletters To Help You Keep Up With the News

Now that Jon Stewart has left The Daily Show, it looks like we'll actually have to start thinking about getting our news from new sources. Though we're still mourning the end of an era, there's a bright side! Sometimes we don't have a whole half hour we can devote to sitting down and watching a show (however glorious it is), so maybe there's something out there a little better suited to our ever-packed schedules. These 5 email newsletters bring short and sweet summaries of the stories of the day straight to your inbox--so there's no excuse not to stay informed!

1. The Skimm

The Skimm is pretty much the quintessential roundup of the day’s news. Founded by two 20-something women from New York and Chicago, the site takes the top stories of the day and condenses them into a quick summary that’s perfect for busy collegiettes to skim during their commute or their morning cup of coffee. Whether it’s sports, international news, or politics, the Skimm has probably got it covered, with a unique flair young women are likely to appreciate.

2. Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a start-up by University of Michigan students, written by Millennials, for Millennials. If you’re a business student or interested in economics for finance, this newsletter is for you! Using a conversation tone and featuring a daily snapshot of the US markets, business terms, and helpful summaries of the latest stories in the corporate world, Morning Brew is a must for any future entrepreneur. Check out the latest issue here!

3. Science of Us

Sponsored by New York Magazine, this daily newsletter features fascinating stories from a psychological and sociological perspective--meaning it covers everything from physical and mental health studies to controversial social issues of today. By gathering brief articles from around the web as well as producing original content, this daily e-mail can tell you everything from how to have a more positive attitude at work to how you can prevent getting another cold.

4. The Daily Beast

This site offers a few options for daily emails, depending on what your interests are. The “Cheat Sheet” and “Daily Digest” are delivered to your inbox every weekday morning and afternoon--you’ll be twice as informed! These give a quick summary of the top stories in politics and entertainment (and more!) but if you’re looking for something a little more specific, “Politics Beast,” which comes out every morning, will help you stay on top of all things in the politics world.

5. Lenny

Our search for the news wouldn’t be complete without a little feminist action. Lucky for us, Lena Dunham announced earlier this summer that starting this month, she and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner will be teaming up to produce a biweekly newsletter that addresses politics, popular culture, current events, health, and lifestyle, all from a feminist perspective. We’re so excited we’ve already signed up--and you can, too!