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New York City Literally Lost Its Shit Over a Rare Pokémon

The Pokémon Go obsession is still going strong. We’ve heard some crazy stories—the app has led people to everything from true love to dead bodies. Most recently, we saw the full extent of the madness when a rare Pokémon made an appearance in New York City’s Central Park.

When a Vaporeon showed up on a Thursday night, people literally RAN to Central Park to capture it; one man was even filmed leaving his car engine running in an attempt to score the Pokémon. This is NUTS—but at least people are getting up and moving? We’re trying to focus on the silver lining here… but this isn’t quite what we expected to see come out of 2016.

Amy is a senior at York University, studying Marketing at the Schulich School of Business. A marketing intern for a beauty startup, her interests lie in entrepreneurship, fashion, beauty, marketing and journalism. She has a penchant for pastel jackets, brunch and browsing Instagram. In her spare time, you can find her working on her own startup ideas, trying new eateries with her boyfriend or writing. You can follow her on Twitter @byamylai.