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Is Another Taylor Swift x Stella McCartney Collaboration in the Works?

To coincide with the launch of her 7th studio album Lover last August, Taylor Swift and designer Stella McCartney released a special limited collection of merchandise, including a metal water bottle, several tees, a sweatshirt, a bomber jacket and more. Creating a complementary mixture of both pastel and neon heaven, the merch featured lyrics and other references to the record, as well as Taylor’s new kitten Benjamin Button.

Taylor gushed over Stella when she first announced the collab on Instagram Live. “There's so much whimsy and imagination and romance to the clothing that she designs,” she said, and she was honored to work with Stella on a collection of their own. Whimsy and romance definitely felt like key themes, with pale pink, yellow and blue tie dye patterns, embroidered lyrics, rainbow filters, heart motifs and more leaving every piece feeling light and airy, perfect for a day at the skate park or strolling on the beach.

Well earlier this week, Taylor wore a brand new, custom Stella McCartney outfit – a glittering, red sequined turtleneck paired with khaki colored trousers and strappy sandals – to perform a stripped down, acoustic version of “Betty” on the Academy of Country Music Awards.

She later sent Stella a quick video to thank her, which the designer shared on Twitter. Stella is known for pushing for sustainability in fashion, refusing to use animal products, and Taylor was sure to thank her specifically for making sustainable fashion everyone can love.

Stella’s response has raised some eyebrows though – particularly mine – as it seems like it could hint at another collab to come between these two badasses. She referenced working together again on special sustainable pieces just for Taylor, teasing even more to come. The only question is, does this mean more to come exclusively for Taylor's appearances, or could this be a coy pre-announcement for a Folklore focused line?

The realist in me says not to get too excited, but I can’t help thinking about the woodsy, cottagecore, fairytale aesthetics that could be on the horizon. Smokey, darker colored tie-dyes and leafy branch imprints? Star motifs and distorted lyrics? I hate that I'm probably playing myself here, but what a world it could be! 

Sammi is the Lifestyle Editor at HerCampus.com, assisting with content strategy across sections. She's been a member of Her Campus since her Social Media Manager and Senior Editor days at Her Campus at Siena, where she graduated with a degree in Biology of all things. She moonlights as an EMT, and in her free time, she can be found playing post-apocalyptic video games, organizing her unreasonably large lipstick collection, learning "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)" on her guitar, or planning her next trip to Broadway.
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