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The New ‘Girls’ Trailer is 20-Something Life in a Nutshell

By the time you reach your twenties, you sort of feel like you should have it all together. You’re supposed to have a job, know how to host a fancy adult dinner party and maybe even have a cat (or at least be able to keep, like, a plant alive). But instead, life as a twentysomething is filled with roommate problems, soul-sucking first jobs and the occasional ~crazy~ cocaine-fueled night—and Girls has sympathized alongside us for the past few years. 

But then, you get to that age (“25 and a half years old,” according to Marnie) where the pressure to be an adult adult hits, hard. And while we only have a few minutes of season five’s trailer, the Lena Dunham-helmed HBO show clearly understands the struggle. We find Hannah in that apartment we’ve grown to know and love as our own, sharing a space with her long-time ex and a new boyfriend. There’s everybody’s favorite, Shoshanna, who’s moved abroad (and dyed her hair pink) in response to her quarter-life crisis. In the meantime, Marnie’s trying to convince everybody that getting married (!!!) is totally the right thing for her to do. And somehow, Jessa’s looking like the most grown-up one among them all.

It’s looking exactly like the kind of shitshow twentysomething life is—and if nothing else, we’re glad to be in this mess together. Watch the full trailer below, and catch the series premiere on HBO and HBO Now on Sunday, February 21!

Alice is the Senior Associate Editor at Her Campus. She graduated from Emory University in 2012 as an English major and a Dance minor. Before joining Her Campus, she was an associate editor at Lucky Magazine. She is currently located in Salt Lake City, UT, where she spends her free time rescuing orphaned kittens, whose lives are documented on Instagram at @thekittensquad! You can find her on Twitter and Instagram at @alicefchen.
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