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The New ‘Fifty Shades’ Trailer Has Us Feeling Some Type of Way

The new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker was released a few days ago, and we’re still not over it. Buckle your seatbelts, friends. Because this is going to be a wild(ly erotic) ride. I’ll give you a two-word preview: elevator foreplay. Are you at work? Don’t press play. Are you in your apartment pondering your seemingly unending singleness? By all means, press play.

It’s only a little over a minute long, but we have all the feels. This trailer is sexier than the original; we didn’t think that was possible. Anastasia finally seems more confident in herself, which is already an improvement from the first installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. With Christian Grey sweet-talking you like that, how could you not be confident? 

We are so excited to see this movie. Whether you love it or you love to hate it, it’s still a must-see for this month of ~love~. To prepare, pop some popcorn and re-watch the first movie, re-read all the books, and buy your tickets in advance to see it on V-Day with your girls (or bae, if that’s what you’re into). 

Hopefully we gave you some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day plans. Just… don’t partake in any elevator foreplay in your school’s elevators. For the sake of everyone.

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