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Netflix’s ‘You’ Has Been Renewed for a Third Season, & Excited Is Not the Word

I have some exciting news, you. Guess we haven’t seen the last of our favorite serial killer, Joe Goldberg (or should we call him Will?). Netflix announced today that it will be renewing the popular series You for a third season, with release sometime in 2021. This news comes as a relief to bingers who are still actively resisting the urge to ignore all of Joe’s numerous red flags (because duh, he’s Penn Badgley).

The second season of the Netflix original just came out in December, and sparked such an interesting internet trend centered on the art of stalking and trolling.

The latest season also initiated a larger conversation surrounding audience willingness to ignore toxic qualities in male characters, after slamming viewers with themes of toxic masculinity and abusive behavior for 10 episodes straight. 

While there’s a lot to discuss, there’s also so much to catch up on before the release of season three. Make sure to stream You on Netflix and pay close attention to any mysterious characters (both dead and alive), as you never know who we’ll be meeting next season.

Aubree Brabham is 2019 graduate of Hampton University, from New Haven, Connecticut. In my spare time, I likes to catch up on cat videos on Instagram, binge Sex and the City and frivolously shop online ! My highest aspiration is to be as legendary as Anna Wintour and grace the streets of New York City like, you guessed it, my idol Miss Carrie Bradshaw.