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Joe Is About To Go Collegiate In ‘You’ Season 4

Joe Goldberg is headed to campus — or should we say, Professor Joe Goldberg.

Following the plot twist at the end of season 3, You is coming back for another season, with Part 1 being out on Netflix starting February 10, and Part 2 starting March 10. The season ended with Joe racking up even more kills, including that of (spoilers ahead!) his former wife, Love — leaving his family in shambles. After the crazy finale, it’s been uncertain how this upcoming season will continue the storyline. However, the newly released trailer clears up some of the confusion, while also posing new questions. 

Netflix posted the announcement on their YouTube account on September 24, with the perfectly ominous caption: “Hello there, Professor Joe.” The @YouNextflix account on Instagram has also posted a show poster, suggesting that this season is going to be just as gruesome (if not worse) with the tagline, “A bloody good time.”

The trailer reveals that Joe has officially left the United States and set up shop in London in an attempt to “bury the past.” Shockingly, he says he’s not there to repeat his same old habits—he’s there to teach. He’s completely renounced his former roles as a bookstore manager, shop clerk, husband, and father, and is stepping into a new one: professor. Imagine walking into class and Joe Goldberg is your professor. Instant withdrawal from the course.

However, Joe is joined by some new faces on his overseas excursion. The trailer shows Joe surrounded by a whole new cast of characters, each of who are “like-minded colleagues.” Considering what Joe is skilled at, it’s not far off to assume that there are going to be a lot more thrills—and bloodshed—this season.

The themes of backstabbing and infidelity are definitely making a comeback and there are undoubtedly going to be power struggles as each character fights to stay on top. Joe says it himself: “Unfortunately, with friends in high places, there usually come others attempting to climb that social ladder. Some may end up falling, or shall I say ‘pushed,’ to their social death. The question is by whom?”

We also see Marianne, the object of Joe’s affection by the end of season 3, as Joe searches Paris for her. It’s obvious that his obsessive nature has brought him here, but even more damning is the fact that he will never be satisfied. He will constantly be on the search for yet another woman, which makes it so interesting that he’s decided to keep his “typical extracurricular activities, strictly professional” this season.

There are still a few months before You is released. So, in the meantime, keep busy with a Halloween movie for every day of Spooky Season to get ready for the creepiness that is Season 4. On the other hand, if you need something a bit lighter to mentally prepare for the psychological thriller, try some of these funny Halloween classics. Regardless of what you’ll occupy yourself with for the coming period of time, get ready for what’s sure to be a high-stakes season of You.

Inica Kotasthane

Columbia Barnard '26

Inica Kotasthane is a student at Barnard College in New York City. She's a big fan of writing (duh!), making zines, and curating her Spotify playlists. Prior to becoming President of the Columbia/Barnard Her Campus chapter, she was a National Writer for Her Campus. She is passionate about journalism and politics, and is especially interested in uplifting minority and queer voices in these areas.