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Netflix Is Already Spilling Details About Season 2 of ’13 Reasons Why’

Love it or hate it, Netflix's controversial 13 Reasons Why has officially been renewed for a second season - and Netflix isn't holding back when it comes to offering up details on what we can expect to happen following some serious cliffhangers in the last episode of season one.

On Tuesday night, Netflix teased a few of the things fans of the show can expect in the second season via Twitter, offering up five important details that already have us dying for season two's release.

From what we can tell, it's looking like we may be hearing even more characters' thoughts on what happened to Hannah (meaning possible new characters?!). While there will be a narrator, it won't be Hannah anymore - though the show's showrunner confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Hannah will continue to be a part of the show in a major way.

As for Jessica, considering it looked like she was ready to open up to her dad at the end of season one, we're hoping, "trying to recover and return to normal life," means that she'll be seeking help - and that Bryce will therefore get what he deserves.

The most interesting part of the tweet, though, is that next season plans to tackle, "the way we raise boys up into men and the way we treat girls and women in our culture — and what we could do better in both cases." Since so few shows are willing to talk about rape culture and other tough gender issues, this is pretty major. If one thing is for sure, it's that 13 Reasons Why won't be shying away from handling some tough issues any time soon.

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