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Nara Smith Had Her Baby & The Name Is Actually Kind Of Adorable

Everybody, wake up: Nara Smith’s baby is here, and the baby’s name is absolutely adorable. On April 11, Smith took to TikTok to share that her daughter, Whimsy Lou Smith, was born on April 8 (the day of the solar eclipse). And, naturally, the internet is losing it already.

The video has already amassed over a million views and hundreds of thousands of likes. Set to an instrumental version of Cinderella‘s “So This Is Love,” the TikTok features short clips of the newborn accompanied by the caption, “Our little angel is here! Meet Whimsy Lou Smith🤍 She came on her own time and arrived on the day of the Eclipse.”

Fans flooded the comment section with positive vibes and congratulations, naturally. One fan wrote, “Congrats!!! She’s beautiful! I hope everything went smoothly!” while another commented, “That name is actually so cute. I wish both you and the baby a speedy recovery and good health ahead ❤️.”

In the past, Smith has been (somewhat) memed for her baby name choices. In December 2023, Smith shared some of the baby names she wouldn’t been choosing for her child, which included Bubble, Pepper, Cherry, and Frosty, amongst others. Seeing as her two other children are named Rumble Honey and Slim Easy, the names aren’t out of the ordinary to Smith. Do these baby names sound like really cool cocktail names to anyone else?

Who Is Nara Smith?

If you’re not sure who Nara Smith is, allow me to introduce you. Smith is a popular social media creator and model who went viral sharing homemade recipes and clips from her everyday life — and when I say homemade, I mean homemade. From cereal to Pop-Tarts, Smith makes everything from scratch for her, her husband, and their two children. And while some folks have been quick to label her as a “tradwife,” Smith is simply a creator who enjoys cooking for her family. What? Like it’s a crime?

Nara Smith is also married to model (and Tumblr royalty) Lucky Blue Smith, who was previously in a relationship with model Stormi Bree. Their child also has an… interesting name: Gravity Blue Smith. Honestly, kind of an iconic name the more I think about it.

As a Nara Smith stan, I couldn’t be happier for her, Lucky, and baby Whimsy!

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