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Wait… So What Will Happen To Nadia In Season 5 Of ‘You’?

Spoiler warning: Spoilers for Season 4 of You follow. Besties, I think we really need to take a second and breathe after that You Season 4 finale. I know I’m not alone in saying that the second half of Season 4 was home to probably some of the most twisted moments in the entire series: especially when Joe and Rhys are revealed to be one in the same, à la Fight Club. However, some of the best moments of Part 2 had to do with Joe’s student, Nadia, and her bravery when it came to finishing out the truth about Joe. Because of her courageous personality, Nadia quickly became a fan favorite in the show. And with Season 4 ending on a massive cliffhanger including Nadia, viewers are wondering if the character will show up in Season 5.

But first, a recap. Nadia, played by Amy-Leigh Hickman, was introduced as one of Joe’s brightest and most ambitious students during his time as Professor Johnathan Moore. Early on, she expresses an interest in whodunit novels, which leads to her and Joe forming a friendship as she helps him find the “Eat The Rich Killer.” However, once she starts to put the pieces together, she discovers that Joe was the killer all along. This leads her through a dangerous web, finding Marianne in one of Joe’s trademark glass cages along the way, and she becomes determined to stop Joe’s reign of terror once and for all.

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Naturally, Joe isn’t exactly thrilled when he finds out that Nadia sniffed him out. Once Nadia discovers all of the evidence she needs to turn Joe in, he takes her phone, deletes the evidence, and scares her into silence. Oh, all before attempting to frame her for the murder of her friend, Eddie (who, shocker! Joe actually killed). Just your typical professor-student relationship.

While “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift plays in the background, viewers are left with nothing to do but one, jam out, and two, wonder about Nadia’s place in the remainder of the show. I mean, Joe is still alive, Marianne is still alive, and Nadia is still alive — seems to me like we’re gearing up for a witchhunt in Season 5. So, will Nadia be in You Season 5?

As of right now, Netflix hasn’t confirmed if there will be a Season 5 at all, so the fate of every character is pretty much up in the air. While whether or not Nadia will return to stop Joe is in Netflix’s hands now. Don’t drop the ball!

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