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Monet McMichael’s Followers Think She’s Dating A ‘Love Island’ Alum

The latest queen of the GRWM, Monet McMichael, is causing a stir over on TikTok, in case you missed it. McMichael sports a following of 2.4 million followers on the platform where you can typically catch her sharing tips on how she accomplishes her stunning beauty routines. You know the drill — everyone is taking their shot at posting their “silly little GRWM videos” lately — but McMichael has the art down pat. Her bubbly yet candid personality has drawn viewers in, and now I’m obsessed with her content as well. One question on everyone’s minds after she posted a video of her getting ready for a date is… who is Monet McMichael dating? 

If you’re a little unsure about who McMichael is, don’t worry: I’m about to give you the 411 on TikTok’s hottest up-and-coming beauty influencer. McMichael is a Rutgers University nursing student that has actually been creating content for quite some time. Before she rose to acclaim on TikTok, you could find McMichael on YouTube, where she currently has 161,000 subscribers. 

If one thing about McMichael is clear, it’s that the people love her. Aside from McMichael’s informative yet fun GRWM-style videos that feel like you’re catching up with an old friend, McMichael’s rise to acclaim on the app is refreshing compared to the already oversaturated marketplace. It’s no secret that both the beauty and social marketplaces are swarming with a lack of representation. As a Black Puerto Rican woman, McMichael is the diversity we need in the space of beauty content creation. 

Because everyone is so invested in McMichael’s content, viewers have naturally been intrigued about some details about her personal life, including her dating.

Who is Monet McMichael dating?


yeah you heard me right – get ready with me for my first date ever 😮‍💨🥴🤭 i honestly love how my makeup turned out in this omg 🍷💕 see you in part 2 for outfit jewelry perfume +

♬ original sound – monet mcmichael 🤍

McMichael recently posted a series of GRWM and short-vlog styled videos about her recent date on the weekend of Jan. 14. Oh yeah, it also happened to be her first date, something that she shared in her TikToks. 

The comments of these videos are swarmed with fans questioning “who’s the lucky man?” So, of course, I had to look into it. Most evidently, though, is the related search feature that TikTok has implemented when users click on the comments of different videos. On McMichael’s “GRWM for a date…” video, it’s hard not to notice the recommended search that reads “Jalen Noble and Monet McMichael” for all users to see. But, who is Jalen Noble, and is McMichael *actually* dating him?

Who is Jalen Noble? 

Noble is a content creator best known for being a part of Season 2 of Love Island USA. Yeah, that’s right: Noble was back on the show in 2020, and has been in the public eye ever since. He sports 655,000 followers on TikTok, and can often be found creating lifestyle-esque content on the platform.

Why do fans think McMichael and Noble are dating?

There’s been no hard core evidence pointing to the fact that McMichael and Noble may be dating. However, everyone knows that TikTok users can (and will) dig into anything, so there’s been a few theories floating around. While McMichael attends Rutgers University, which is located in New Jersey, some have been saying that Noble was also in the state around the weekend of Jan. 14.

Users have also been looking deep into both creators’ accounts looking for any trace of evidence that might link the two together. Seriously (I can’t believe I’m saying this), people are trying to dissect if the flowers McMichael posted in her date debrief video are the same as those in a recent video of Noble’s. Yes, it’s true — the people are invested… maybe a little too much.

McMichael hasn’t confirmed or denied anything yet. 

While users are going to contemplate who McMichael may or may not be dating, it’s important to remember that this content creator is a real person with real feelings. She’s been very open about her boundaries surrounding sharing her personal life and *potential* relationship on her platform, doing so in her “date recap” video where she stated, “[I] honestly didn’t plan on posting a full debrief here —  [I] appreciate y’all respecting what I decide to share.” 

With that, I think it’s important to give this girl her privacy, something that other users are also picking up on. One viewer commented, “totally respect the boundaries you’ve established,” with another saying, “we appreciate anything you share with us.” 

Seriously, could you imagine being 22 years old and having 2.4 millions eyes watching your every move, creating theories about who you may be dating? I couldn’t, so let’s give her some grace, y’all.

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