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Monet McMichael & Her Boyfriend Finally Hard-Launched… Sort Of

It seems the internet sleuths were right about another potential internet couple. Back in January 2023, fans of GRWM TikToker Monet McMichael were speculating that she was dating Love Island alum Jalen Noble after teasing a growing relationship in her videos. Months later, McMichael and her boyfriend Noble are giving the fans what they want with a hard launch… or medium launch, at least.

The theories started circulating about McMichael’s love life earlier this year when she posted a series of GRWM videos before a date. Fans were dying to know who the mystery man is, so they went down an internet rabbit hole. They found a loose connection of the same flowers being on both their socials, and feeding into the speculation, Noble changed his bio to “certified flower boy.” However, fans didn’t have to look far because the recommended search bar under her GRWM videos had “Jalen Noble and Monet McMichael” written in plain sight.

Since the start of the speculations, McMichael has kept the blossoming relationship low-key and never confirmed that it was Noble. Well, the time has come. After months of hints at the relationship and fans eyeing their every move, the two TikTokers (subtly) confirmed their relationship in a series of strategically filmed videos and posts.

McMichael and Noble soft-launched the relationship in discreet TikTok videos.

McMichael first had the fans screaming when she posted an ice bath video on April 10. Now, let’s play detective for a bit. Noble is known for making lifestyle content. In those aesthetic day-in-the-life videos, you can often find him starting his days in an ice bath on his patio. Yes, you guessed it — it’s the same ice bath used in McMichael’s video. The ice bath was enough to have fans screaming over the soft launch but to top it off, you can hear Noble cheering her on in the background with “let’s go, baby.” Ah, I love it!

A day later, Noble posted his usual vlog content, but with a twist. He ditched the background music for a voiceover in a TikTok of him cleaning his house, and the voice was none other than McMichael’s. Though it wasn’t clearly said in the video that it was her voice, McMichael has a large fanbase on the app that can spot her voice from a mile away. The caption of the video also said, “A lot of healing brought me here — pursuing real love.” Comments under the video couldn’t contain their excitement, with one saying, “MONET this is soooo cute ughhhh. so happy 4 u.”

This isn’t the first time Noble has soft-launched the relationship, though. Back in March, Noble posted a video of him traveling with a flower to give to a special someone with the caption “If I wanted to, I will.” At the end of the video, he was on a date and fans were quick to point out that the nails seemed a lot like McMichael’s. Thankfully, after months of these hints, fans don’t have to play detective anymore.

The couple made it IG official… sort of.

Before McMichael came to her loyal fanbase on TikTok, she subtly confirmed the relationship on her Instagram story. In the majority of Noble’s videos, you can see him taking care of his dogs. On April 8, McMichael posted on her story that she was allergic to “the dogs.” She knew exactly what she was doing with that wording.

The couple wasn’t done teasing the fans just yet. Both came to their Instas to medium launch the relationship on their main feed. On April 11, McMichael posted a carousel of images with one being a shadow photo of her and Noble. On Noble’s page, he also posted a carousel, but with multiple subtle appearances from McMichael, including one picture of her in the same dress she wore in a recent GRWM video of getting ready for a date at what appears to be his place. His caption choice says it all: “It’s a wrap.”

Though the couple has yet to blatantly say they are together, this hardest soft launch is enough for the fans to get a confirmation for their months of internet sleuthing. Noble, please treat our GRWM queen well.

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