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This Model Hopes She’ll One Day See a Plus-Size Woman on the Victoria’s Secret Runway

Although plus-sized models have recently been showcased a lot in an effort to provide realistic models, the Victoria’s Secret runway isn’t likely to be following suit anytime soon.

Model Nadia Aboulhosn, who has appeared in campaigns for big brands like H&M, Addition Elle and Good American has been breaking ground on model stereotypes, but she says that the models that appear in the Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show are all a part of the company’s brand. “I think they have a brand image for themselves,” she said in an interview with Mic. “That’s just what they’ve done for years. I can’t expect everyone to turn a new leaf as quickly as I’d like them to. I love VS, I wear them all the time. I really think with time, they will. Maybe that’s me thinking positive or maybe that’s because I never give up on trying to break down doors.”


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Aboulhosn is no stranger to the fashion industry. In April she graced the cover of Women’s Running Magazine—only the second plus-sized model to do so. Plus, with more than 503,000 Instagram followers, she’s nothing short of Insta famous.

It seems that although the fashion industry is trying to accommodate more types of bodies, Victoria’s Secret is still falling behind. But this is nothing new; the lingerie company has always been a little slow on the diversity front. Aboulhosn still has hope that one day a plus-sized model will strut down the runway though:

“I think it’s just going to have to be pushing down doors and really being persistent,” said Aboulhosn. “The more we show and demand that women of all sizes and ethnicities are beautiful, then they’ll come around.”

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