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‘The Mindy Project’ Is Better Off Without Danny Castellano

Like most Mindy Project fans, when Mindy and Danny finally got together in season two, I was the epitome of the heart-eyes emoji. Danny and Mindy seemed like the OTP: full of passion, best friends, and totally in love. Although they bickered, they did it out of love and always found their way back to each other. And when Mindy got pregnant with Leo, all seemed perfect in the Lahiri-Castellano household. 

However, since baby Leo’s birth, Danny has become quite the hated character. He began to criticize Mindy for little things, including her weight—NOT cool. And when he tried to force Mindy to be a stay-at-home mom, he showed his true colors as a backwards, misogynistic partner. Then he disappeared off to California for almost an entire season, leaving Mindy to act as a single working mom to a newborn. All of a sudden, Danny was no longer the romantic and adorable guy—and surprisingly sexy dancer—that I loved so much in the first two seasons. Now he was the kind of guy I would tell my friend she is way too good for.

Mindy is def someone I would call my friend. I mean, she’s hilarious AF, loves donuts as much as me and has clothes I’d die to borrow. So when she considered breaking up Danny’s upcoming wedding, I was SO disappointed. Danny hurt her, left her and lied to her about his engagement—why would she want to get back together with him? Thankfully, her wise mama talked some sense into her with some advice we could all use: you’re already your biggest critic, so find someone who loves you, not judges you. 

I was the president of the Mindy + Danny 4eva fan club, but I can safely say that I don’t miss Danny on The Mindy Project. His sexist ways, mean jokes about Mindy and obvious commitment issues turned him into a toxic person in her life. I wouldn’t want someone like him in my life, so I’m glad Mindy finally had the courage to end things with him once and for all. Whether she ends up with Ben or not (they did break out the big L-word this episode, so maybe!), I’m just glad she has realized she deserves better than Danny. 

Kirby is a recent graduate from UCSB currently living in Los Angeles. As a proud Her Campus UCSB alum, she's happy to be back on the HC team covering one of her fave shows: "The Mindy Project." On any given day you can find her with her nose in a book (let's be real - it's a Kindle). In her free time, she likes petting dogs, binge-watching TV, and eating a lot of food. Find her on Instagram: @kirbynicoleb or @GirlBossEats.