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Milo Ventimiglia Posted a Photo From the ‘This is Us’ Set & It Could Be a Major Hint About Season 3

Even though we had to learn about Jack Pearson’s tragic fate on This is Us (cue the tears), it hasn’t made fans any less curious about the rest of Jack’s story. Milo Ventimiglia, aka the patriarch of the “Big Three” and most beloved dad on television, posted a photo from the set of This is Us, and fans immediately began to dissect the image to figure out what it means for Jack’s story, as well as what might take place, in the new season.

“Here we go @NBCThisisUs season 3,” Ventimiglia tweeted Wednesday, with a picture of what looks like a younger Jack (although it’s hard to tell since the shot only shows the top half of his face).

But fans were quick to note that Ventimiglia’s reflection in the rearview mirror of the car appears to show the face of a younger Jack. In the photo, Ventimiglia is sporting non-slicked back hair, which is usually how Jack styles his hair later in life, and fans are hopeful that this might mean that we’ll get a look at the earlier stages of Jack’s relationship with Rebecca — possibly even their first date.

“Looks like young Jack,” one fan noted.

“Looks like we will be seeing Jack and Rebecca the younger years. Maybe first date?” another fan guessed.

According to Bustle, show creator Dan Fogelman said in Q&A at SXSW that season three would explore more of Jack and Rebecca’s origin stories.

Fogelman said season three would be “a big Vietnam season for us. We’re doing some cool stuff. Milo (Ventimiglia) will get a real showcase as younger Jack and there will be more Jack and Rebecca origin stories.”

So, the first date theory could totally happen.

The car, according to Bustle, could also serve as a clue about what to expect in the upcoming season. From what we can see of the car it doesn’t look like the Pearson Jeep Wagoneer, or Jack’s 1967 Chevelle Super Sport or his old beat-up truck. So if we have yet to see this car in the show, it could mean that we’ll get to see a period in Jack’s life that we haven’t seen yet.

This is Us has been known to use flashbacks, flashforwards, present-day scenes and even dreams, so who knows what the show may end up throwing our way.

So far, we haven’t really been able to see much of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship before kids, so it would be nice to see more of the couple’s blossoming relationship.

Either way, I’ll be ready will a box of tissues when season three premieres.

This is Us returns Tuesday, September 25th.

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