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Miley Cyrus Is Headed To ‘Black Mirror’ Season Five

Black Mirror, a show that keeps you up at night with its dystopian, unexpected plot lines that seem all too plausible doesn’t seem like the place for a pop star—but plot twists are what the show is all about, right?

Miley Cyrus, everyone’s favorite Disney star turned music icon, revealed that she will appear in the upcoming fifth season of Black Mirror. True to the show’s habit of leaving its viewers guessing until the last minute, the plot of the season and Cyrus’ role in it have yet to be revealed.

On Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show on Wednesday, Miley answered the question about her appearance in the show with a coy nod of her head. She told Stern, “If you guess it, then I will shake my head yes, or no.” According to Stern, she nodded “yes.” Of course, we’re more than willing to believe him.

Although the episode plots and premiere date for season five is still unknown, it’s likely to be full of twists and turns, disturbing scenes and storylines that leave us uneasy for days. But maybe seeing Miley on screen will make it a bit easier to handle.

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