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Melania & Barron Trump Won’t Move to the White House Right Away

Only two First Ladies in United States history have not lived in the White House during their husbands’ presidencies, according to the BBC. And they both had really good excuses: the White House wasn’t even built yet when Martha Washington was FLOTUS, and William Henry Harrison’s wife, Anna Harrison, hadn’t yet moved in when her husband died a month into his term. There are no extenuating circumstances like that for Melania Trump, but she’s still planning to be the third FLOTUS not to reside in the White House. President-elect Donald Trump has stated that she and their 10-year-old son Barron will stay in New York so that he can finish the school year at home.

Transition spokesman Jason Miller said that the Trump family was “energized and excited about their new role serving the country,” even though they would be separated, according to CNN.

Melania Trump, who was regularly absent from the campaign trail in order to stay home with her son, has said that her chosen cause as FLOTUS will be helping to stop cyber-bullying. First Ladies’ causes, such as Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move and Let Girls Learn campaigns, aren’t required as part of the role. The only official duty of the First Lady is to host functions taking place at the White House.

So who will be filling the role of White House Hostess while Mrs. Trump is still living in New York? Some think Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka, who played a big role in her dad’s campaign, may be more of a First Lady than Melania, according to the BBC. Ivanka has said that she wants to focus on her business while her father is in office, but it’s hard to believe that statement whe she’s already attended a meeting between Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. 

Many presidents have had young First Children—including Chelsea Clinton, who was 12 when her father was elected, and Malia and Sasha Obama, who were 10 and seven when President Obama was elected in 2008—and they’ve all lived in the White House from day one of their parents’ presidencies. While life as a president’s kid is never normal, Chelsea described some pretty normal traditions, like eating dinner as a family every night, when she lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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