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A McDonald’s Employee Jumped Through the Drive-Thru Window to Save a Customer’s Life

An employee at a Florida McDonald’s saved an off-duty police officer and her children from potential disaster on Tuesday morning, Fox News reports.

Pedro Viloria jumped through the window of the drive-thru of the Doral, Florida McDonald’s, where he works, after a customer lost consciousness after ordering and began to roll away in her car.

As seen on surveillance footage, Viloria jumped through the drive-thru window and pulled the officer from her car as it rolled through the drive-thru. The woman’s children were also in the car.

Another employee and paramedics who happened to be in the restaurant at the time helped to revive her before she was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

According to a Fox News affiliate, Fox 5 NY, a representative for McDonald’s released a statement praising Viloria.

“First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and her family during this difficult time,” McDonald’s wrote. “I think I speak for our McDonald’s family when I say how proud we are of Pedro. He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman. And he was not the only member of the team that played a pivotal role in ensuring she received the medical attention she needed. A second employee, who asked to remain unnamed, assisted with CPR. Their quick thinking and action were everything in that moment.”

A lot of awful stuff is in the news every day, but stories like these remind us that the world’s not all bad. The kindness of strangers makes all the difference!

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