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The Mayor Of Hell, Michigan Got Impeached & He Liked It

The tiny community of Hell, Michigan found itself impeaching its new mayor shortly after his “election” for declaring heterosexuality illegal. Yes, you read that right.

YouTube comedian and satirist Elijah Daniel wasted no time enacting his political agenda after being sworn in as mayor of the self-governing community of 72 people on Wednesday, according to the Huffington Post.

“I was looking for a town willing to make me mayor,” Daniel told HuffPost. “They’ll do it in Hell for $100, so I caught a redeye to Michigan and got sworn in.”

Rather than hold official elections for the mayoral office, Hell allows anyone willing to pay this small fee to take office and live out their political dream. Daniel’s dream was unfortunately short-lived.

Salon Magazine reports Daniel faced troubles from the start, thanks to his decision to declare via Twitter that anyone who practiced heterosexuality was banned from Hell. Daniel said this move was his own satiric take on President Donald Trump’s attempts to ban a large group of people from the United States.

“My ban is a copy-and-paste of Trump’s Muslim ban, but with heterosexuals instead,” Daniel told HuffPost.

Daniel justified his decision in his official statement by saying that growing up, he “was always told that homosexuals would go to Hell – now the heterosexuals are trying to take this from us, too.”  

Heterosexuals could stay in Hell on one condition, however: They had to pay a lofty sum of $84,000, which would be returned to them after one year of abstinence from straight sex, according to HuffPost.


The hilarious letter also advocated for a “reparative therapy” program that would turn straight people “gay like the rest of the town.” If residents refused to undergo reparative therapy, they had to don a Scarlet H and cargo shorts every morning in the town square so they could be publicly “straight-shamed.”

Unsurprisingly, Daniel was impeached shortly after his mandate, but he was a good sport about it and said he saw it coming.

“That’s actually not a problem,” he said. “Everyone who becomes mayor there gets impeached. Most of the people who visit are same-sex couples who want to be married in Hell.” 

As for Daniel’s exit strategy, he joked that his impeachment would not affect his run for the presidency and suggested via Twitter that President Donald Trump should learn from his experience — and maybe try impeachment sometime.

Daniel’s political career may have been short, but it sure was memorable.

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