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Marco Rubio Wants Hillary Clinton to Say We’re At War with “Radical Islam”

On Sunday, Marco Rubio said in an interview with ABC that he felt Hillary Clinton was wrong for not stating that the United States was at war with “radical Islam.”

He was referring to her comments about the war on terror and her statement that jihadists do not represent the entire Nation of Islam. 

“I don’t think we’re at war with all Muslims,” Clinton said, according to the New York Times. “I think we’re at war with jihadists. We are at war with violent extremism. We are at war with people who use their religion for purposes of power and oppression.”

Rubio disagreed with her, and suggested that Clinton was being too sensitive with her words.

“That would be like saying we weren’t at war with Nazis, because we were afraid to offend some Germans who may have been members of the Nazi Party but weren’t violent themselves,” Rubio told ABC on Sunday. 

Rubio seems to be ignoring the fact that Muslims around the world have condemned the attacks in Paris.

At the Democratic debate on Saturday, Clinton responded to Rubio’s comments, saying that she felt it was against the U.S.’s best interests to argue about whether or not all Muslims were on one side or another. 

She noted that George W. Bush expressed a similar sentiment after the attacks on 9/11. According to the Washington Times, Bush said, “Islam is peace” and called for unity among Americans of all creeds.

Kayla is a second year student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she's studying literature and history. She loves working with kids, and has worked at the same summer camp for the past four summers. Someday, she hopes to become a high school English teacher. You can follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/kaylaeatskale and find all of her work at www.clippings.me/kaylalayaoen