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A Male Gymnast Has Also Accused Larry Nassar Of Sexual Abuse

The first male gymnast has come forward to speak out against former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar and his sexual abuse, joining a list of over 200 victims, NBC News reports.

Jacob Moore, now an 18-year-old freshman gymnast at the University of Michigan, has come forward to accuse Nassar of sexual abuse that he experienced in April 2016, according to CNN. Seeking treatment for an injured shoulder, Moore instead had his pants pulled down by Nassar, who “administered acupuncture to his genital area, claiming that it would help his shoulder,” says CNN.

Moore’s attorney also says a young female gymnast was present in the room, whom Nassar asked whether she had seen a male’s body part before.

Moore, frustrated by the lack of treatment to his shoulder (which later required surgery), could tell something was very wrong with what had occurred, especially once all the victims started to come forward. Inspired by his sister Kamerin Moore, who provided her statement at Nassar’s sentencing in January, the male gymnast decided it was time to come forward with his own story. 

“When everything started coming out, I kind of remembered that uncomfortable feeling I had during one of my treatments,” Moore Megyn Kelly TODAY on Tuesday during a live interview. When Moore couldn’t find any medical evidence connected to what Nassar had performed on his groin to his shoulder, he was shocked.

“I was inspired by my sister and everyone else in this community to come out and help bring change to what allowed this to happen,” Moore said. “I don’t want (other victims) to be scared to come out because of stigma that guys can’t be sexually abused or taken advantage of.”

It’s sickening what Moore had to experience, but in the case that there are more male athletes who experienced sexual abuse at the hands of Nassar, hopefully, his story will encourage them to come forward.

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