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“Make It Or Break It” Star Ayla Kell Dishes on Her Favorite Fashion and Beauty Secrets!

The stunning Ayla Kell, who plays dedicated gymnast Payson Keeler on ABC Family’s hit show Make It Or Break It, talks to us about being a former ballerina, how to shop for vintage clothes and why she won’t wear bubble skirts.

Her Campus: Your character in Make it or Break It, Payson Keeler, is really serious. You pull it off really well. Are you serious or more fun-loving?
Ayla Kell: I generally consider myself to be more fun loving but it’s a level of commitment that I connect with.  I buckle down when I need to focus
HC: Do you have any other similarities with Payson?
AK:  I’m just as headstrong. She knows what she wants, and I think I’m that way to.
HC: You were a ballerina for a long time; do you still dance even if it’s just for fun?
AK: At this point it is just for fun, because it takes up so much of your time.
HC: Do you miss it?
AK: I do and I don’t.  It’s such an all inclusive part of your life. It’s the same as gymnastics, which is what makes me like Payson, too.
HC: Has acting always been what you’ve wanted to do, or is it something you just fell into?
AK: I’ve always done it alongside school and ballet, but it became more of a focus recently. I went to a regular high school. It wasn’t a glamorous thing.
HC: I read in an interview that Arrested Development is one of your all-time favorite shows. Any chance you’ll break into comedy anytime soon?
AK: I would love to I can name every episode of Arrested Development, Seinfeld or Mr. Show. I love that, so hopefully at some point I’ll get to play around with it. I have a great time doing dramatic acting, so I can only imagine how great a time I’ll have doing comedy.
HC: You have a fan site dedicated to you: is that flattering or a little bit weird for you?
AK: It was really, really strange when it first started off. I know what I do and where I go to work, but it’s weird that other people know that two. This girl came up to me and she was stuttering and didn’t know what to day. I was like “I don’t know what to say to you!”  But a lot of people love to imitate me online. I have no control of what this person can control. I have no say in it; it’s not fair.
HC: There are a lot of people who impersonate you on Twitter.
AK:  I don’t even have a Twitter. I don’t know why I would encourage people to stalk me. I guess you can call me a traditionalist. I don’t like the internet frenzy when a social conversation is not a social conversation.  I do blog to encourage an open dialogue with my fans. (Check out her blog here!)  You got to have a web presence if you’re going to be any type of actress. I’m active.
HC: Your style on the show is pretty much a leotard and track pants, which is realistic, but not really flattering, how would you describe your style outside of the show?
AK: My style as vintage-eclectic-Americana. I like to where what I call Oxford colors: maroons browns, corals, watercolors. It’s very Americanized and always vintage with some odd prints. I do a lot of Goodwill, I do a lot of American Vintage (a vintage store in LA). I try to go to a different city and just shopping at some random mom and pop stores.

HC: What’s important to look for when you go vintage shopping?
AK: I always look for the bones of the dress. What does it have structurally that isn’t like anything else I have? It’s more the print that I’m not going to find anywhere else, but I have to know 100 different ways I could wear it.
HC: Do you use a stylist for events, or do you like to take the reins?
AK: I do it myself. I try to wear vintage for red carpet, but it’s expensive you’re in the $1000 range. I don’t like to go above $20 for a dress. If I have to buy something new I look for a classical style with a modern flare.
HC: Is there anything you know just wouldn’t look good on your body and you would never wear?
AK: Bubble skirts: it’s just not going to happen. I will not wear something with additional fabric! Also gladiators- I don’t like to do trendy.
HC: Are there any beauty products your absolutely love, or tips you can share with our readers?
AK: I’m a big fan of Clinique because it’s easy on your skin and they really emphasize the three step process.
HC: Do you ever trade tips with your co-stars about beauty and style?
AK: Not really. We’re completely different styles, but Cassie, Josie, Chelsea, and I all wear the exact same shoe size, so there’s usually a fight over who gets to wear what shoes.
HC: How did you feel making the jump to being a brunette? What inspired that decision?
AK: It was really fun. I talked to my colorist and used the same colors I usually used for lowlights. Also as soon as I dyed it, I look so pale. My parents freaked out for the next couple of the days, because they didn’t realize it was me. But I’m working my way back to blonde now. 

Kimya is a print and multimedia journalism student at Emerson College. She loves living in Boston, but still misses her hometown of Austin, Texas. She enjoys fashion, poetry, food and making predictions for award show winners.
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