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Make It Look Like You Have Friends With the Selfie Arm

This may be the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen… this week. With the selfie stick craze sweeping the nation, artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe decided the product needed an upgrade. So they introduced the Selfie Arm, a product that not only lets you capture your good side, but also makes it look like you’ve got a friend along for the ride.

We’ve all been there; alone in our room taking a selfie and wishing it looked like we weren’t alone. Well… maybe not, but the product isn’t a completely random thought. The product is inspired by photographer Murad Osmann’s Instagram posts of his girlfriend leading him around the world. Now those of us who are single can imitate those adorable photos with the Selfie Arm!

The product itself is literally a plastic hand and arm with a spot for your phone at the top. Other than the fact that the skin color of the hand is rather unhealthy looking, the Selfie Arm is a pretty ingenious way to tap the ever-growing selfie market.

What do you think, collegiettes? Would you invest is a Selfie Arm? Is this the most ridiculous selfie product out there or is it just the tip of the iceberg? 

Julia is an all around urbanite and current Junior at NYU. She is studying Screenwriting, The Entertainment Business, Italian, and Dance. You'll often find Julia in her favorite coffee shop, working on her latest article or screenplay. She enjoys blogging, cooking delicious vegetarian food, jamming on her guitar, and watching the seasons change. She'll forever be dancing through life. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @jkrom19
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