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The Majority of Americans Support Free College for Everyone

A recent Bankrate survey finds that almost two-thirds of Americans support free college for everyone, and approximately three-quarters support free college for people who meet an eligibility requirement. That’s a lot more people than you might think support the idea.

Free college was a huge part of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign—and he drew so much enthusiasm from young people that Hillary Clinton announced her own adaptation of the plan as part of her platform.

Of the nearly 5,000 American adults surveyed, 62 percent think that tuition should be free for all students who attend public colleges and universities—and among Millennials, that number goes up to 77 percent. In addition, about a fourth of the respondents who don’t think college should be free for everyone do think that college should be free for families with incomes that are less than $50,000.

NBC News also offers some scary statistics for college students: college graduates leave college with not just a degree, but also an average of $30,000 in debt. Trapped with all this debt, millennials don’t have much money left to contribute to the economy by doing things like buying houses and investing.

The survey finds that free college has bipartisan support. More than 80 percent of Democrats are in favor of free college for everyone, while approximately 33 percent of Republicans and 67 percent of Independents feel the same way.

Need some convincing that college is actually necessary to land a paying job? The Georgetown Center reports that more than 95 percent of jobs gained after the recession were given to people with at least some college education, emphasizing that in today’s economy, that degree can make all the difference.

But even if people are in favor of everyone getting a free education, they might not be in favor of actually contributing their money to make it happen. People are split on the question of whether or not they would be willing to pay more in taxes to make free college tuition a reality. So that’s where us college students come in—We’ve got to speak up, vote, and let our lawmakers and our neighbors know just how important this issue is. If you want a smaller college price tag, either for you or for future students, get out there and make your voice heard!

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